About Us

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Who we are

Everything Autism is a specialist practice working with and supporting autistic individuals and their families. We are a multi disciplinary team who have significant expertise and knowledge in providing services relating to the formal identification (diagnosis) of autism. We work with  children, young people and adults.

Everything Autism is a small team of practitioners who strive to give the very best to each and every family and individual we work with. We are proud of being a small but passionate team as we believe this helps you receive the very best care. We understand that everyone is unique and our practice reflects this. We are passionate about ensuring that every voice is heard and listened to and that voice is at the centre of everything we do.

What is Autism?

The term autism is used to identify a neurotype (brain type) and describes differences in how a person experiences and interacts with the world around them. Autistic peoples’ brains process information differently from the majority brain type, or ‘neurotypical’.

‘Neurodiversity’ describes differences in brain functioning and is the result of natural variations in the human genome; it is an important and valuable part of human evolution and diversity. Being autistic is just one example of neurodivergence. More than 1 in 68 people are autistic. 

Autism is a spectrum, meaning that there is a wide range of diversity across the autistic population. Every autistic person experiences different combinations of autistic characteristics and each to different intensities. This means that while all autistic people may share certain broad characteristics, each autistic person is an individual and has their own unique profile relating to their experiences, strengths and challenges.

Setting, circumstance and general wellness can impact on autistic peoples’ sensory and information processing, meaning that their needs can fluctuate and be different at different times. This is known as being ‘dynamic’. 


Being autistic consists of different ways of thinking, communicating, understanding, being and feeling; it is an internal experience.

Characteristic external signs of being autistic include different ways of socially interacting, communicating and connecting with others, combined with differences with information and sensory processing, enjoyment of repetition in movements, actions and speech, deep focus on special interests, and a preference for predictability and sameness.

Autism is identified formally when characteristics that are observed by the assessing team and reported by the individual and people familiar to them meet the criteria for autism defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fifth Edition (DSMV).

Diagnosis is given when these differences have been present from childhood and impact on the individual’s everyday life.

Seeking a Diagnosis and Support

At Everything Autism, we celebrate diversity and the uniqueness of being autistic.

We are however aware of the important role diagnosis can play in helping autistic children, young people and adults feel supported in their day to day life.

We are also aware of how important a diagnosis can be in helping those around the person understand their unique profile of strengths and needs.

A formal identification of autism can often play a significant role in self-identity and self-recognition.

We recognise that some of the differences which are seen within a formal identification of autism can result in the person and their family requiring specialist support to face challenges which may arise.

Following assessment (regardless of the outcome of the assessment), we will work with you to identify recommendations and sign post to appropriate specialist services.

As a team, we are working hard to develop in house diagnostic support services and are excited about being able to offer these to you very soon.